life in film, part trois

here comes another film post! brace yourselves for the pretty — and the writing!

good morning!

three halves of two oranges

We have a juicer at the beach house, now, and we squeeze oranges for brunch. It feels quaint and sweet and the juice is delicious. 

sunny kitchen

I've been playing tourist in my own city, because she is here. We walk around the streets I knew before and it all seems new and exciting — and for a few hours, I feel like my city is not mine anymore, not the one I know. It's scary and exhilarating all at once.  

taken by Melanie Beier

I always look my prettiest when she's the one taking the photograph. 

M, the photographer

the magnolias are in bloom and I'm so happy that she's here to see it. This lasts two, maybe three weeks before they all turn green and the flowers go away. but for now they're all still pink and white and beautiful, and she seems to love them just as much as I do.

it's foggy and I'm cranky, but she's patient and it goes away in a bit. we walk up and down lost trails at the beach; we scare off seagulls and take pictures while the sun is so bright we can barely stop squinting. 

We drive up to places with Castles, and I have the feeling I like Guimarães more than I did before.

It's sunny, truly sunny for the first time in months, and I'm ridiculously excited to be outside without a coat on. We're like children — we skip and we laugh and we take pictures. We hold hands at the castle and see the Paço dos Duques with wandering eyes. She likes it, and I'm proud even though it's not my city. 

Taken by Melanie Beier

taken by Melanie Beier

the two photos above are my favorite pictures of us. there was something so magical about that light, about that whole day. it was beautiful. 

We have coffee by the "Aqui Nasceu Portugal" sign, and we buy a lock to put on the golden rail in the middle of the street. we hadn't done it in a while, and it feels lovely. it's such a pretty place. 

we drive down to Aveiro the next day, and ride the 'moliceiros' until the sun sets. it's a beautiful ride. the whole center of the city is beautiful, and the sun comes out again, allows us to have the first t-shirt day of the year together. this has always been one of my favorite days all year — the first when you can comfortably come out with a t-shirt and be greeted by the sun — and to have her with me for it is absolutely priceless. 

taken by Melanie Beier

she spent her birthday here and i got her a portuguese board game called Caravelas. we played it outside in the sun and enjoyed the afternoon in mostly quiet fun. the game is wonderful, I recommend it highly. it made me proud that a portuguese company created it. 

yummy times at my family's patisserie

last days are terrible. 

[a note on writing on photos: the idea to write on film photos didn't come from me. I used to do it a very long time ago, with digital files, but a few weeks ago I saw a blog post by a friend of mine, Noukka, and I completely copied the idea. So the credit is hers. You should really check out her work, it's wonderful: ]