life in film, part quatre — summer of 2014

everyone is writing posts about their year, everyone analyzing bit by bit, adventure by adventure. a part of me felt like I should. but then again, why shouldn't I just write a post about my favorite part of 2014? and if I'm going to pinpoint a favorite, it's probably going to be the three weeks in july that my m spent here, with me. the three weeks that were so filled with joy and travels and friends and feeling warm and soft and like everything falls into place, like all the people who should be in your life return to it, and all the ones who shouldn't will go away eventually. it was a summer filled with smiles and days of reading at the beach, swimming in the river, playing games and eating lunch outside while the sun burned our shoulders. family dinners, rehearsals, friends welcoming her in a way that made me want to cry with joy and my city, my sweet, reliable porto being a perfect setting. 

we don't know what 2015 has in store for me, for her or for us, or for the lovely people around us. we have a project and a plan, but nobody can tell what's going to happen tomorrow. I can, however, know that I feel safer whenever I see film photography; that it feels more present. that it makes the good parts of my life seem real, even if sometimes, my brain doesn't think so. it makes happiness tangible. and that's why I'm sharing it with you. 


watermelon and the blueberries I grew.

vigo, july 2014

hotel sete artes, in santiago de compostela. it had seven rooms, each named after a kind of art. we got 'dance', and Fred Astaire's signature on our mirror. the hotel was perfect. 

this is my favorite picture from the whole summer. there's so much beauty in it, it makes my heart soar. 

hosting a barbecue and beach day with our friends. 

bé and sô, braving the cold water

taken by my M. 

boat day with my dad.

mariana and rute in the middle of rehearsal. 

it's a thing for us, minigolf. we just love it. (I won. the last time she was here, in september, she won.)

taken by my M.  (and no, I'm not pregnant, it's just a flowy dress)

nothing makes me happier than her in my kitchen.

ponte de lima

viana do castelo (view from santa luzia)

experiments with light

may our (and your) 2015 come filled with even more beauty, with even more joy and wonder. may we be here a year from now, all of us, celebrating another well-spent year. and may we be happy. very, very happy.