the alphabet tales — B

[Every week, there will be a letter, going through the order of the alphabet. Every Monday, I'll open the Chambers Compact Dictionary and I'll randomly pick a page of the said letter. Out of that page, I'll randomly pick a word. Darling heart will watch to ensure I do it right. And every Friday, there will be a picture based on that word.

Welcome to the Alphabet Tales. ]

Week #2

Letter B

Book, book, n. a collection of sheets of paper bound together, either printed, written on, or blank; a literary composition; a division of such, a libretto, a record of bets, (fig.)any source of information, (pl.) formal records of transactions — v.t. to note in a book; to engage in advance, to buy a ticket.]


I wanted a weird word and I got the most ordinary of all the words in the letter B. Oh well. I think I like the result anyway.

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