the alphabet tales — C

[Every week, there will be a letter, going through the order of the alphabet. Every Monday, I'll open the Chambers Compact Dictionary and I'll randomly pick a page of the said letter. Out of that page, I'll randomly pick a word. And every Friday, there will be a picture based on that word.

Welcome to the Alphabet Tales. ]

Week #3

Letter C
Conduct, kon-dukt', v.t. to lead or guide; to convey (water, &c.); to direct (e.g. an orchestra); to manage (e.g. a business); to behave (oneself); (elect. , heat) to transmit]

this week went the other way around. I wanted a simpler word and I gotconduct, which took me a while to conceptualize, but which lead me on an adventure to the roof, to the top of my building, where I had a cheer of lawyers on the other side of the street. It was kind of funny.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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